Featured Products

High Definition Analog Synthesizer
Combines the legendary warmth of analog synths with 21st century digital capabilities.

Ultimate Virtual Drummer Instrument
Create, control, and produce professional drum performances with uncanny realism.

Sampler Instrument Workstation
The incredibly musical, playable core sampler instrument for all your production projects.

Interactive Melodic & Rhythmic Groove Creation Instrument
The most captivating groove creation partner ever.

Vintage Electric Piano Instrument
Realistic emulations of your favorite electric pianos, from classic to modern.

Polyphonic Analog Tube Synthesizer
Own the dream synth that never was. Vacuum Pro re-invents the gritty glory of the entire analog age - not just one instrument.

Modular Additive Synthesizer
Explore the frontiers of sound creation: Additive Synthesis. Loom’s effective modular design creates complex sounds quickly.

Music Creation Software
Experience new directions with Ignite, the refreshing way to quickly capture, combine, and arrange your musical ideas.