We're suspending the Ignite Open-Mic. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Ignite Open-Mic

Round 2 - Montage

This Round Ends

Fri, April 12, 2013

A big Hollywood studio contracted you to write music for their latest movie.  It's about a scrappy, rough around the edges, but still lovable boxer, named Bobby 'Fists' Fletcher.  The highlight of the film, and what you have to score, is a montage that shows the boxer's intense training regimen that transforms him
from a chubby wannabe to a chiseled champion. 

The executive producer left you detailed instructions in a voicemail message:

"Listen, Baby.  About this music you're writing... We gotta make sure the audience feels every squat and every pull-up.
When Bobby is running I want the audience to feel a pain in THEIR sides. 
When he gets punched I want THEIR noses to bleed. 
And I want strings.  Orchestral strings."

Using the Orchestral Strings instrument in Ignite, produce an 2-3 minute track for this movie montage.  Good luck!


Orchestral Strings


Film Montage



Every two weeks, AIR Music Tech will post a genre, instrument, and a little bit of inspiration to the top of this page.


Make a track in the style of the posted genre with Ignite. The track must include the posted instrument.


Upload your track to AIR Music Tech’s SoundCloud Ignite Battle Group using your SoundCloud account. Please include "Ignite Open-Mic Round 2" in your track title and in the track description enter a summary of how you created your track.


When the round ends, the AIR Music Tech team will judge the top ten most-listened-to tracks. The winner will be selected based on creativity and overall quality, so bring your best.


The winner’s track, artwork, and SoundCloud link will be featured on this site, and will get shout-outs sent from AIR Music Tech’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.


Be sure to check-out each other's tracks. Share tips and techniques, and have fun!

The Rules

  • Be original

    Unauthorized use of copyrighted music or material will disqualify your track.

  • Keep it clean

    No artwork containing drug use, nudity, or violence.

    Vulgar language should be avoided or at least "bleeped".

    If your track can't be played on the radio, it can't win the battle.

  • Keep it short and sweet

    Tracks should be around three minutes long.

    Maximum track length is five minutes.

  • Don't give up

    If you lose a round don't be discouraged.

    Prepare for the next one. It isn't far away.

  • Stay informed

    Be sure to join us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest Ignite Open-Mic updates.

    If you have any questions tweet us: @airmusictech #Igniteopenmic

    And visit AIR Music Tech's community support page